Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mind Game Part Deux (Itupun Lepas TalkIzCheap Emo!)

Thousand apologies to Penyokong Setan Merah
After awhile then i realized that i haven't continue the second part of Mind Game.
Anyways, to mention few names like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and even Nietzsche, they're the one who have that ability to control Mind Game.Their failure have nothing to do with their strategies or because of the Allies.It just they don't have the patience and most important thing was greediness.

I love to read about them especially my idol, The Fuhrer. There's something about him that i would like to know.His mind.What in his mind that lead him to such a big moves.Reading few materials such as Mein Kampf, International Jew (Henry Ford) and Das Kapital (Karl Marx), it shows that (as i summarize) these key figures and their actions were according to their needs.And they manipulate the situation, twist the facts and came out as a propaganda which i call as a Global Mind Game.They're sending the messages with compact and comprehensive materials so other Mind Game's player will make a move according to their plan.

The main player just sit and see what's next.That how it works.One good point, the reason behind all this action, it's for the people.yes, for the peoples and do not tell me or argue with me with saying that German has had a psychotic Fuhrer and Russia had a pathetic Stalin.It's not true, it's all about Mind Game.The Allies have a lot of facts that they left behind (this is their Mind Game until now, Modern Era).The truth will be never reveal, the facts will be never expose and the heroes will be never ever celebrates.

Mind Game - Propaganda - Slander - Accusations, it's all in the Mind Games.No right, no wrong.It's who control the game and the strongest will influence others to get into the field.At the end, you'll see the consequences.For those who loves to play Mind Game, Propaganda, Slandering...i repeat, Slandering, you'll get your punisment soon.This i can confirm with you, and the punisment will be the hardest thing for you to swallow the rest of your life.

Socialist built it, Capitalist destroyed it.

oh ye, orang yg pandai English sila betulkan English saya ye, saya tak pandai berspikang tapi nak gak cuba.Tak salahkan?wooohooo.

p/s: sapa sapa yg suka buat kerja fitnah menfitnah, mengaibkan orang, bercerita hal orang mengalahkan orang pompuan mulutnya, ghentikanlah.Tu semua tak bagus, sekolah tinggi tinggi pon tak guno kalau mulut mcm puki ayam, ye dak?


talkIZcheap! said...


Kurang dah skit emo aku,huhu... : P

frwls said...

biarlah dorang Jarr. senyum je kalau kena maki. bukan pape sangat pun.

hati je kena sabar walau emo kena nganjing. kahkah

frwls said...

errr...aku tak tau pun sape yang fitnah ko. saje je bagi nasihat

Mince4AM said...

my name is money

Jarr said...

Iz - hoh..gelepor!

Iwal - aku senyum ni, tapi takde sapa pon fitnah aku.cuma aku ingatkan mereka mereka yg suke bercerita pasal orang, itu jer. =)

Mince - mai neng is koya.