Friday, November 6, 2009


I missed my blog..muah muah muah.
Been away for vacation and loads of work in the office.
Overall last week was fun...went to Langkawi with 30 peoples!
Thanks to Judd[my organizer] a co-organizer I'm happy with this trip...
Worth it,fun,memorable and hope to see u guys again next year for the next trip...

I have few things to share in this entry.First,I've been appointed as a Moderator in our forum.Got sms from Admin and she said i'll be the moderator for activities.To be honest,I dun want this thing..its not my stuff.Yeah, I love to be in the forum,get involve with activities,hanging around with friends...but to be a moderator?hahaha..damn funny.

Some people in the forum might be excited if they can be a moderator,super moderator or even Admin.And some of them are sincerely doing it coz they love to do it.And some of them just like to show off,yeah...this kind of character is everywhere..Show off.That will be the second thing i would love to mention.
Why people show off?ahhh...nothing to do with me...and i dont give a fuck.

Anyway,this week will be hectic and for the next 2 weeks i'll be extremely busy.I know those who really know me will laugh to death whenever I tell them I'm busy..:D
Funny huh?Lets start the work tempo now..or else i'll be lazy bum for the whole day.