Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mind Game

I think this is the most powerful game ever exist on earth.
No stages, no next level, no spare and absolutely no restart.
It is a direct contact in a sense of how you're going to win the game and how you manipulate the sources to reach the objectives.In a both way, it has a good and bad side.

Who are the players?Us.
Everybody can play mind game, it's subjective.
Widely used specifically by powerful people who knows how to manipulate others.
And why did I say that?Do I have to elaborate that thousand points?
From the revolutions era until this bloody modern days, this is the game that has been practiced by the Imperialism.Twisted the facts and used it to hypnotized the minds so they can get the benefits from it.

And now, at our time, they get it involved in their corporate world. That will be the massive and fastest way for them to achieves their objectives.And how can that be?
You tell me.There are so many ways to play mind game.And it can be fun but most of the time, dead.
Indeed, it will be a favourite  method for these powerful people to get what they want.
Anyways, it's time to go home now.

We continue this tomorrow...ok?haha...


talkIZcheap! said...

tomorrow ko ni harap2nya ikut kiraan waktu di bumi lah yer... jgn la ikut waktu akhirat plak... :p

Sang Penulis said...

Dok pehey stabok.

Jarr said...

Iz - hahahaha natey gilo.mcm tau je aku nye style..sequel makan tahun.hahaha

SP - tok supo mulo doh demo loni..=|

Pet Shop Boys said...

baca tajuk Mindgame ingatkan review pasal Inception :)

Jarr said...

PSB - gua belum tgk arr itu citer..dengar org gebang je mcm best..hahaha.

afendi ariff said...

ofis lu kuat politik ka bai?

Jarr said...

Pendi - politik dimana mana bro...gua hadapi dengan senyuman mcm ni =)