Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emotion Sickness

What Is Emotion Sickness?

Who's the victims?

What will ever fucking happen if Emotion Sickness spreading in your mind?

nothing eh?

So, what's a ruckus?Day by day world go through an evolution.

Evolution which is drag humanity to be a worst ever creatures created.

Moreover, it will destroy the world sooner or later without sign.

Can call it whatever you want.Silent Killer?D-Day?

But the truth is, emotion sickness has been one of the main reason for people bad behaviour.

We cant see it, it has no shape, smell or even a mark.

Are we aware?Some of us, maybe.But most of us, Hell no!

And it become a disease, even worse, it kills.

Kills in terms of?Feelings,sympathy,mercy,love and whatsoever you name it.

the cure?[need more research on this though.]

Yourself!you are the cure....but how?

there you go, you need to find it....internally...externally....

you will find it....sooner or later.

Only God knows when you will find it...but of course with your fucking efforts!

not just sitting there, beer in your hand[or orange juice =D] and dreaming...

Life always be hard nowadays and we're struggle to cope with it.

thats driven your life to miserable.

but one thing for sure, no matter what, give a deeply thought for whatever reason you decide.



Lelaki separa sewel said...

Tak paham =|
maafkan saya atas kebebalan saya Abg Lir =|

Jarr said...

takpe adik Borr....
tak paham dengan buat2 tak paham lagi hampeh....
so nanti abg jelaskan masa semayang maghrib berjemaah nanti ye...

chuya said...

seorang sahabat ade emotion sickness i guess.. wat should i do to help him?? aku takut dia become worse....